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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Fly?

AP Elements Fly is the fastest migration tool for Office 365 on the market.

 How much is Fly?

$2,995 per year, unlimited data, unlimited users.

 How do I buy Fly?

You can purchase Fly and receive a license immediately via our eCommerce site.

 Can I buy Fly in other currencies?

You can only buy with USD right now. We will soon be supporting other currencies.

 Can I sell Fly?

You can sell Fly by becoming an AP Elements partner.

 Will partner get discounts?

Partner Margin is 50% across the board. This will be reflected in our eCommerce site if you are an active partner with us, and have obtained a partner code

 What kind of support does AP Elements provide?


 Who can I talk to about Fly?

You can contact us by emailing to or call us by +1 844-567-1659.

 What is the difference between Fly and DocAve Migrator?

There are a variety of differentiators between Fly and DocAve. One of our partner, or technical associates can help walk you through these if you'd like to reach out at +1 844-567-1659.

 What sources does Fly support?

Fly supports SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Online, Exchange on-prem, Box, Dropbox, and File Share.

 Will the source and destination environment co-exist during migration?

Yes. Both source and destination will be online. Fly will not lock source site before/during/after migration.

 What restriction/limitation about migration needed to be considered? e.g. data size, data type, IT resources, etc.

At infrastructure level, networking, on-prem server specs, SQL Server load on SharePoint, as well as Office 365 throttling need to be considered. With Fly, it supports up to 20 concurrent migration jobs and each job will use up to 200MB memory in general.

 Does Fly support full or Incremental migration for each site?

Yes. Full migration for the first time and subsequent jobs are incremental automatically. Customer also has the flexibility to use last modified time as a filter to do incremental on demand.

 Can I stop running migration jobs?

Yes. You can stop running jobs.

 Does it preserve all metadata (including security settings, attributes, and properties)?

Yes. Fly preserves all metadata.

 Fly supports migrating to pre-created sites, or create on the Fly?

Both supported. You can migrate to an existing site or to a new site when migrating.

 Can I save reusable profiles for commonly used migration?

Yes. This is exactly how it was designed, keep simple and reusable as much as possible.

 What is the speed of migration?

General throughput is 1.5GB to 25GB per hour depends on the complexity of the SharePoint sites. However, there are other factors that will slow down the migration performance, e.g., low network bandwidth, high network delay, on-prem server resource is at capacity, Office 365 throttling etc. The average speed in our environment is 7-8 GB per hour. We address this in detail on a blog posting here.

 Does Fly migrate workflows?

Workflow definition and workflow template can be migrated. But not running instances as lack of API and tech limit in Office 365.

 Does it support to migrate a new site structure which is different from the source system?

Promote subsite to site collection is supported. Reorganize subsites, library/list structure is supported.

 Does AP Elements generate a detailed report? Also, how to handle those remaining content that cannot be migrated?

Yes. With Pre-migration report, it produces a very comprehensive report on SharePoint structure, permission settings and customization. In terms of unsupported objects, you can use Mappings (site template mapping, user mapping, column mapping, etc.) to find an equivalent replacement in Office 365. Or use filter to exclude them during the migration and have a deep analysis against them from business objective perspective and TRANSFORM (not migrate) them into Office 365.

 What are installation requirements for Fly?

You can refer to our installation guide for a detailed list of requirements.