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Office 365 Migration. On the Fly.

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Solutions So Easy…Pie Seems Complicated

Quick and Easy Migration

Migration. Lickety-Split!

Migrate on-premises and cloud content to Office 365 with full fidelity, and drastically reduce project times.

Integrated Protection and Management

Integrated Protection & Management

Protect your Office 365 Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business with automatic backups and speedy recovery…in just minutes!

Azure Resource Management

Azure Resource Management

Easily identify VM sprawl and allocate Azure resources to create massive reductions in overall cloud costs.

Expert Solutions…
Easy on the Wallet & Just Plain Easy


FLY Migration

Your FLY migration project will be ready for takeoff in a jiffy! We launch Office 365 with SharePoint On-Premise, File Share, Google Drive, Exchange, Box, Dropbox, Gmail, and tenant-to-tenant content.

Backup & Restore

Backup & Restore

An unlimited backup service from one centralized location for Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business.


Automated Intelligent Resourcing (AIR)

Easily identify VM sprawl in Azure with automated classifications across the environment to detect and resolve zombie VMs.


Watermark Pro

Securely create and share files within Office 365 by converting documents into PDFs and enabling file sharing via a secure container.

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