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FLY. The Elevation of Office 365 Migration.

Office 365 Migration

It’s Office 365 Migration. On the Fly.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s FLY. AP Elements has one of the fastest tools on the market to consolidate and migrate on-premises Exchange, SharePoint, and file shares, or other cloud content in Teams, Groups, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, into your Office 365 cloud.

FLY Migration

Migrate to the Cloud on the fly. Our latest addition to the Azure Marketplace allows FLY Migration deployment in a cloud-based environment.

FLY in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is FLY?

AP Elements FLY is one of the speediest Office 365 migration tools on the market today.

 Can I buy FLY in other currencies?

No, right now you can only purchase FLY with the USD. Don’t fret, we’ll accept additional currencies soon enough.

 Can I sell FLY?

Yes, of course! Become an AP Elements Partner now!.

 Do partners get discounts?

Yes! Partners get a spectacular margin, please reach out to us for more information.

 What is the difference between FLY and DocAve Migrator?

There are a variety of differentiators between FLY and DocAve. One of our partners or technical associates can walk you through the differences. Just call +1 844-567-1659 and they’ll be happy to help.

 Which sources do FLY support?

FLY supports SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Online, Exchange on-premises, Exchange Online, Box, Dropbox, File Share, OneDrive for Business, Groups, Teams, and Google Drive.

 Does FLY Support tenant-to-tenant migration?

But, of course! FLY can migrate SharePoint Online sites, OneDrive for Business, Groups, Teams, and Exchange Online from one tenant to another.

 Will the source and destination environment coexist during migration?

Yes. Both source and destination will be online. FLY will not lock source site before, during, or after migration.

 Which migration restrictions or limitations must be considered? e.g. data size, data type, IT resources, etc.

At infrastructure level, networking, on-prem server specs, SQL Server load on SharePoint, as well as Office 365 throttling need to be considered.

 Does FLY support full or incremental migration for each site?

Yes. FLY supports full migration for the first time, and the following migration jobs will automatically be incremental. The customer also has the flexibility to use last modified time as a filter to do incremental migration on demand.

 Can I stop running migration jobs?

Yes. You can stop running jobs.

 Does it preserve all metadata (including security settings, attributes, and properties)?

Yes. FLY preserves all metadata.

 Does FLY support migration to pre-created sites, and allow you to create on the fly?

Both supported. You can migrate to an existing site or to a new site when migrating.

 Can I save reusable profiles for commonly used migration?

Yes. This is exactly how it was designed, to keep it simple and reusable as much as possible.

 What is the speed of migration?

General throughput is 1.5GB to 25GB per hour depending on the complexity of the SharePoint sites. However, there are other factors that will slow down the migration performance, such as low network bandwidth, high network delay, the on-prem server resource is at capacity, Office 365 throttling, etc. The average speed in our environment is 7-8 GB per hour. Check out this blog post for details.

 Does FLY migrate workflows?

Yes, workflow definition and workflow templates can be migrated. Workflows that are still on progress status cannot be migrated due to API limitation in Office 365.

 Does it supports to migrate a new site structure that’s different from the source system?

Yes, you can use FLY to restructure a site. e.g. make a sub site to be a new site collection, or merge multiple sub sites into one site, or merge multiple document libraries into one document library, and same for folders.

 What are the installation requirements for FLY?

Refer to our installation guide for a detailed list of requirements.

 Does AP Elements generate a detailed report? Also, how do I handle the remaining content that cannot be migrated?

Yes. FLY produces a very comprehensive pre-migration report on your current SharePoint structure, permission settings, and customizations. In terms of unsupported objects, you can use Mappings (site template mapping, user mapping, column mapping, etc.) to find a similar replacement in Office 365 or use the filter option to exclude them during the migration process.


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