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Analyze Cost with AIR


Automated Intelligent Resourcing

With Automated Intelligent Resourcing (AIR), Azure cost management has never been so easy.

Don’t stress over your Azure cloud resource maintenance. We’ve got solutions that’ll help you cut costs and maximize your cloud potential.

AP Elements AIR helps you identify VM sprawl in Azure to create massive reductions in overall cloud costs. Automate classification across your Azure environment to detect and resolve zombie VMs.

Dashboard and Report

Dashboard & Report

Understand your Azure cost allocation—by date, area, or tag—with a graphical dashboard and chart displays.

Track and Control

Track & Control

Simplify resource tracking by adding smart tags, and with real-time cost monitoring. Customize your tags and data collection rules to map to your business requirements.

Estimate and Insights

Estimate & Insights

Get notified as you approach budget or reach consumption limits. Set rules to be the first to know of any new Azure insights or developments, and improve your prediction power for cost planning.


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