The Potential of 4 Minutes

Have you ever let a few minutes go to waste? Like that few more minutes before your next meeting, or the five minutes spared from a one-on-one. To keep up with this fast-paced society, we rely more and more on technology to increase productivity so we can add six more things to today’s to-do-list.

Vendors like us are typically stuck talking about the miracles software performs after it’s been installed. Installation has never really been a major selling point, until now. Our Fly Migration has gotten a lot smarter (we’ve been putting it in excelled classes) – with just two clicks, you can do a complete install in just under 4 minutes, saving you time from the get-go. I know 4 minutes is still time – so I’ve put together a list of activities you might be willing to sacrifice to get Fly installed today:

What can you do in under 4 minutes?

  • Tie your shoes and button your shirt
  • Brush your teeth with an oval solar powered toothbrush
  • Try on and decide not to buy a new pair of gloves
  • Listen to a song
  • Eat a cupcake with pink and purple sprinkles
  • Restart your computer only to find out that problem still isn’t resolved
  • Window shop a New York city block
  • Write this blog post

Download Fly now and get it installed before your coffee gets cold.