Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

How many of you can identify with this scenario:

You’re about halfway done putting together that IKEA furniture you bought, right in the midst of mastering a newfound skill, when all of the sudden it hits you – you’ve completely messed up, and need to rebuild the entire Bjursta Henriksdal from scratch because you missed a component 30 steps ago. Your ear-to-ear grin recedes at the realization that your confidence was wholly unwarranted and comically misplaced back when you decided to start building without even addressing the instruction pamphlet, which still sits idly in the box.

It probably happens all the time…at least if your name is Nick Goudy.

Proper preparation prevents a poor performance. It’s simple, and it’s true. At AP Elements, we know that one of the most important factors of any Office 365 migration is the planning. Because of that, the first step of a user’s journey through AP Elements Fly’s interface is this critical component, which we call the Pre-Migration Report.

Migration to Office 365 is more complex than hitting “upgrade” on your phone and going to sleep. If I’m being honest, most of the time I upgrade my iPhone is because I have a notification annoying me. The security patches are important, but I never really read into a lot of the updated features I’m getting. A move into Office 365 isn’t an “update” though, and a simplistic definition of this project will rob you both of opportunity and smooth execution. There are many variables that need to be taken into consideration, like unsupported features or customizations that won’t translate from your current system into Office 365.

With AP Elements Fly, you can get access to all this information with a single click. One click. That’s it…it’s, uh…it’s pretty cool.

If you have an upcoming migration, you can run this report for free with our trial. I can’t imagine trying to do a migration without it. In fact, I’d like it to trying to build an IKEA set without directions… Oh wait… Yeah, maybe my imagination could get me there.