FLY 3.7 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  1. Office 365 connections can now be added via the app profile.

        Figure 1: Adding an Office 365 connection.

  1. Office 365 groups and Microsoft Teams can now be migrated between Office 365 tenants.

        Figure 2: The Office 365 groups and Microsoft Teams migration page.

  1. FLY now supports migrating mailboxes of mail servers that support IMAP/POP3. For example, Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, etc.

        Figure 3: The IMAP/POP3 migration page.

  1. Domain mapping seamlessly transitions users in bulk from your existing environment into your destination without manual configuration.
  2. Now define migration policies to optionally include or exclude your file systems’ hidden files.
  3. After dragging a file system/Google Drive folder to OneDrive for Business in Drag and Drop mode and performing the migration, all content in the source folder will be migrated to the OneDrive for Business Documents library in the destination.