FLY 3.4 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements


  • Now supports Office 365 Groups as either a source or a destination for migration.
  • Inactive and deactivated users are mapped by default to a placeholder account.
  • You can now re-run migration jobs easily in ‘Migration Status’. Use cases: re-run a completed full migration job to bring over incremental changes, or re-run previously ‘failed’/ ‘finished with exception’ migration jobs.
  • SharePoint migration:
    1. Unsupported site templates are now mapped to Team Site by default.
    2. Supports Lookup Column mapping.
    3. Added filter option to include/exclude version histories.

FLY 3.4


  • File System migration: Supports creating destination library on the fly, i.e., if destination library does not exist, you can create a new one by dragging and dropping source folder to destination.

FLY 3.4


  • Exchange migration: Now supports Exchange Online to Exchange Online migration across different tenants, including Office 365 Groups mailboxes.


  • Replaced ‘?’ symbol on the top right corner with ‘Support’ button, which now directs to Contact Support landing page.
     FLY 3.3
FLY 3.4


  • ‘System Information’ and ‘License Manager’ are now placed under ‘Connection Manager’ in the menu bar on the left.

FLY 3.4


  • You can now manually retrieve connection under ‘Connection Manager’ in case of connection failure.

FLY 3.4


  • Improved Migration Status: Previously when you create and trigger multiple mappings in one migration job, they were displayed as multiple items under Migration status. Now multiple mappings are grouped and displayed as one item.