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FLY 4.0 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements There is now support for migration to SharePoint 2019. You can now use app profile authentication when configuring a connection for Exchange Online, which will assist with throttling limitations. You can now configure the Power BI template for viewing job performance and throttling details of your SharePoint migrations, which will provide […]

FLY 3.9 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements Users can now configure the Control database and Migration database for FLY during installation.         Figure 1: The database configuration page. When MS SQL is configured as the database type for installing FLY, users can change the Control database, and/or Migration database to another database or update the password […]

FLY 3.8 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements Users can now enable E-mail Forwarding for an Exchange migration plan. E-mails sent to the source mailbox can be routed to the destination mailbox.     Figure 1: E-mail Forwarding. FLY now supports performing Slack to Microsoft Teams migrations.       Figure 2: The Slack migration page. Users can now configure whether to […]

Q&A – FLY for Office 365 Migration

Thanks for attending our “Office 365 Migration Made Easy” webinar on May 8th. We just loved giving you a behind-the-scenes peek at what we’ve been up to. There were lots of questions from the audience, but sadly we ran out of time and couldn’t answer all of them. So, to make sure we’ve given you […]

FLY 3.7 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements Office 365 connections can now be added via the app profile.         Figure 1: Adding an Office 365 connection. Office 365 groups and Microsoft Teams can now be migrated between Office 365 tenants.         Figure 2: The Office 365 groups and Microsoft Teams migration page. FLY […]

FLY 3.6 Release Notes

AP Elements FLY version 3.6 is launching! With this release, we’re unveiling an all new FLY homepage. Plus, we’ve extended migration support from Google Drive to Office 365, and expanded FLY connection to Office 365 environments with both ADFS and Azure MFA authentication. Stay grounded. Everything you need to know is listed below… Sleek New […]

FLY 3.5 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements Migration: New and improved Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration: Fly 3.5 supports migrating SharePoint sites, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, and Office 365 Groups between Office 365 tenants. You can also migrate data with full fidelity within or across site collections in the same Office 365 tenant. SharePoint/File System Migration In addition […]

FLY 3.4 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements Migration: Now supports Office 365 Groups as either a source or a destination for migration. Inactive and deactivated users are mapped by default to a placeholder account. You can now re-run migration jobs easily in ‘Migration Status’. Use cases: re-run a completed full migration job to bring over incremental changes, or […]

The Potential of 4 Minutes

Have you ever let a few minutes go to waste? Like that few more minutes before your next meeting, or the five minutes spared from a one-on-one. To keep up with this fast-paced society, we rely more and more on technology to increase productivity so we can add six more things to today’s to-do-list. Vendors […]

Summarizing FLY

Here at Elements, we spend a good portion of our time talking to partners and walking them through our interface. We did a video a while back to walk-through the interface but we also realize not everyone likes that format – and thus we figured it would be good to put together a quick summary […]

Hot off the press! Read all about it!  

I hope everyone had a great time at Ignite, lots of excitement still coming off the event in our halls. It’s only been a few months since our launch of AP Elements, and we’ve managed to do quite a bit so far. In a few short months we’ve built a lot of pride in moving […]

Super Best Practices That are Super

One of the advantages of being an ISV in the Microsoft space and working with so many great consultants is that it gives me an opportunity to hear so many different methodologies and approaches to migrating. On the contrary, I get asked quite often for some best practices around using our Office 365 migration solution. […]

Get Your Ferrari Out of Traffic

I’ve been living in Jersey City for around 4 years now. It’s a great place to live, but one of the downsides is the traffic. New York City is right across the river, and depending on traffic it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to get there. Of course, there’s a lot […]

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

How many of you can identify with this scenario: You’re about halfway done putting together that IKEA furniture you bought, right in the midst of mastering a newfound skill, when all of the sudden it hits you – you’ve completely messed up, and need to rebuild the entire Bjursta Henriksdal from scratch because you missed […]